Digital Habits

The Academic Minute is a production of WAMC-Albany in conjunction with the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Today, I was honored to be featured in a segment on building a daily digital media habit and why it is so important to do so in these trying times of information overload and general societal uncertainty. Click here to listen to the brief episode.

This short clip represents some of my more recent thinking on this topic, which has come to focus more and more on the kinds of daily habits and disciplines we need to cultivate in order to deal with information plenitude, problematic information, and the onslaught of opinions and perspectives on the web and social media. I am convinced that developing good habits is at least as important (if not more so) than maintaining good information hygiene, which has also received a lot of emphasis in the popular media, particularly since the start of the pandemic.

Thanks to David Hopper of WAMC-Albany and Mike Glassburn of IU Kokomo’s Media and Marketing team for their assistance with this project.

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