ENG-G 301: History of the English Language

This course examines the history of the English language from Old English to the present day, with a particular focus on its recent changes—many would say “mutations”—in the digital age. Course content covers the macro-history of the English language and the Indo-European family of languages, various local cultural histories of English, dialectical variation, and some of the basic concepts of structural linguistics (phonemes, morphemes, grammar, and syntax).

The “New” ENG-W 131: Fall 2020

Course Description ENG-W 131 is your introduction to college writing. In this course, which is also one of your general education (or “GenEd”) requirements, we will learn about an ancient area of study known as “rhetoric,” or the art of using words, images, voice, and other tools to shape persuasive, effective language in any situation,… Continue reading The “New” ENG-W 131: Fall 2020

ENG-W 311: Writing Creative Nonfiction

The genre of creative nonfiction complicates the boundaries of what we normally think of as imaginative writing (e.g., fantasy novels, contemporary short fiction, romance, most “Literature”) and writing about real people, places, things, and events (e.g., journalism/nonfiction or documentary writing).