No one starts a website to crow about their service, and I am keeping this category mainly as a nod to tradition and to maintain the symmetry of the academic triumvirate: teaching, research, and service.

But since you’re here, my primary service roles to my campus and to Indiana University (as of July 2022) include Campus Coordinator for the American Democracy Project, Grounding Gardener in the Indiana University Digital Gardeners program, and Faculty Fellow in the Adobe Creative Campus program. I am also the founder the IU Kokomo Podcasting Festival, our campus’ annual podcasting showcase since 2021. I am also a proud participant and volunteer at the yearly Student Research Symposium on the IU Kokomo campus. In 2022, I was named an American Democracy Project Civic Fellow to further my work with digital literacy and information disorder.

I serve the discipline of rhetoric and composition studies as reviews editor (since 2018) of the online journal Across the Disciplines.