HON-H 399: Politics & Culture in The Twilight Zone

Amid the stifling conformity of the 1950s, when a certain new-fangled technology called “television” was still in its infancy, former soldier turned screenwriter Rod Serling set out to make the kind of TV that networks at the time wouldn’t touch.

Digital Habits

The Academic Minute is a production of WAMC-Albany in conjunction with the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Today, I was honored to be featured in a segment on building a daily digital media habit and why it is so important to do so in these trying times of information overload and general societal uncertainty.… Continue reading Digital Habits

OWI: Useful points of entry

If you're contemplating the switch to online writing instruction (OWI) for Fall 2020--or if this important pedagogical and curricular decision has been made on your behalf--the following short list of starting-point resources on OWI may be of some use: Applied Pedagogies: Strategies for Online Writing Instruction, eds. Daniel Ruefman and Abigail Scheg. Utah State UP,… Continue reading OWI: Useful points of entry