OWI: Useful points of entry

If you’re contemplating the switch to online writing instruction (OWI) for Fall 2020–or if this important pedagogical and curricular decision has been made on your behalf–the following short list of starting-point resources on OWI may be of some use:

Applied Pedagogies: Strategies for Online Writing Instruction, eds. Daniel Ruefman and Abigail Scheg. Utah State UP, 2016. (full-text access via JSTOR)

CCCC Committee on Best Practices in Online Writing Instruction, eds. Keith Gibson and Beth L. Hewett.

Foundational Practices of Online Writing Instruction, eds. Beth L. Hewett and Kevin Eric DePew. WAC Clearinghouse, 2015. (full-text access via link)

“Hybrid Instruction” and blended learning on the Online Writing Instruction Community website (blog post)

“Teaching Writing in Online Distance Education: Supporting Student Success,” by Julie Stella and Michael Corry. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, vol. 26, no. 2, Summer 2013. (full-text access via link)

Teaching Writing Online: How and Why, by Scott Warnock. NCTE, 2009. (available for purchase)


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