Welcome to my online tenure dossier.

In mid-September 2017, I submitted the final version of my dossier for promotion to Associate Professor of English at IU Kokomo. I’ve posted or recopied most of those documents to this space as an open access, online version of my case for Promotion and Tenure on the basis of Excellence in Teaching and Satisfactory in both Research and Service.

The idea behind this blog is simple: transparency. This blog is a public record of my work and achievements, viewable by anyone on the web: colleagues, friends, students, collaborators, and the general public. My hope is that by making these documents open and accessible, I can shed some light on how the tenure process works at a teaching-intensive, regional university campus.


Click here for my resume, or what folks in higher ed call a “curriculum vitae.” (This Latin phrase can be loosely translated as “the course of my life,” though I’d like to think my life is a bit more multifaceted than what you’ll find in these scant pages.)

Click here for the Executive Summary document that summarizes my tenure case. (Warning: this is a large .pdf document.)