Paul Cook is Associate Professor of English in the Department of English and Language Studies at Indiana University Kokomo. He also serves as President of Faculty Senate and Reviews Editor for the online journal Across the Disciplines. He teaches courses in writing, rhetoric, digital media, and technical editing. Paul earned a BA from Winthrop University, an MA from Auburn University, and a PhD from the Rhetoric/Composition program at the University of South Carolina. His work has appeared in Pedagogy, JAC (Journal of Advanced Composition), Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor, Across the Disciplines, Communication Law Review, the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, and others. His current book project, Stop the Insanity! A Practical Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Post-Digital Age, explores the post-digital era and argues that solutions to our misinformation crisis must reach beyond the individual and traditional humanist solutions to what is, crucially, a posthuman problem.

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